Fascinating Life

It makes you wonder if a unicorn (1) didn’t fall into the water and evolve into a whale.


Narwhal 2

Every once in awhile, they have 2 tusks (so maybe a goat fell into the water and later lost a horn?). Scientists don’t really know what they use the tusks for. (2) I don’t know about anyone else, but the thought of one of those swimming around would be a bit scarier than a shark!

It actually seems to be an upper tooth instead of a horn. (3) So, perhaps it could still be a bear that fell into the water and evolved a 10 ft tooth. Wait a second here. Let me consult homology. (4)


So perhaps an elephant fell into the water and became a whale.

Or, one of these?

No, we don’t know because there is no fossil evidence, but it seems like it might have been one of these. (5)

Cow Pic


Hippo Pic

As an aside, my wife is fascinated by water. I roll my eyes when she holds up a glass of water and stares at it in awe. Guess what? She rolls her eyes when I tell her about my respect for cows. Where would we be were it not for cows?


Seriously! I feel bad for cows. All they want to do is eat grass, and all we want to do is eat them! I am very much against cow tipping, although a number of my classmates out in the sticks thought it was fun. (6) Although in reality, this seems somewhat mythical.

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2 Responses

  1. Too funny!

    You brainy guys, accodin’ to us slowa folk, ain’t s’pose ta has a cents a humor;-) I have often wondered if, while I was evolving, natural selection mistook me for a new kind of land whale (Ya know, like “Land Shark”), because I have a great deal of unwanted blubber and I make funny sounding, high-pitched noises in order to communicate with others of my kind? Or maybe natural selection confused me with a cow, because many people tell me that I’m UDDERly ridiculous? But perhaps not, ’cause, mmmmmmm, that hamburger is making me hungry! I just rolled my eyes!!!

  2. Hahahaha!! Great. 🙂

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