Recent Harvard Cellular Animation

I can’t help but consult homology on this one with respect to bipedalism. I’m mean seriously. Look at that little bugger walking the tightrope. Perhaps humans evolved from that molecule. In all seriousness, this video is great, and furthers my appreciation of Creation. I realize that is probably not the intent of the folks at Harvard, but it’s a great video nonetheless. For those without broadband, you can see a few stills.1

I can’t help but see the sentience expressed in these “nano-machines.” Although they are not sentient themselves, they appear to be an expression of sentience in my opinion (a sentience far beyond that of our own). I think this really goes to the point my coauthor DB has made a number of times in the past about appreciating the beauty in science.


For a longer excerpt of the video without the lecture, go here:


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