Older Fellers Really Ought to Spread Their (Mutated) Genes

Seems like there really ought to be a Larry the Cable Guy joke here.  But really, older guys seem to have more mutations in their germ cells.1  So, they ought to really help evolution out to the greatest extent.  Can you imagine what evolution might be able to do with the progeny of all the older fellers in the world.  Perhaps, fellers shouldn’t be allowed to breed until the reach 35 (to maximize genetic errors–which are a good thing for evolution).  I hope some of the older fellers here are not offended by this.  I’m saying, you could potentially be contributing to evolution!  Who wouldn’t want to do that?

1  http://www.uncommondescent.com/intelligent-design/old-darwinists-may-generously-offer-to-father-children-with-young-women/

One Response

  1. Uh, No thanks, and for a multitude of reasons;-)

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