A Naturalistic Fairy Tale-Part XV

We must skip back a bit. Then did we discover that volcanoes were possibly, and therefore compellingly, responsible for life’s origins. When one is faced with a dilemma, that seems unsolvable, we do find it best to take a shotgun approach. We do hope we throw out enough different ideas to establish that we have sufficient imagination, if not, we do have more waiting to be conceived (Praise Science).  We do not suffer from the Creationist lack of imagination.  We do never
make those kinds of arguments unless it does involve God or miracles, which are clearly ridiculous, naturally. From the zapping of the old soup,2 and our modern technology, did we learn that when we injected gas, that comes from volcanoes, into that old soup, did we find 10 amino acids which were not found by our hero. Silly, did we first think that the early atmosphere was composed of methane, hydrogen, and ammonia. As that wrong fact has been corrected as always (only slightly of course), we do now know that the early atmosphere was composed of 3 elements: carbon dioxide, hydrogen, and methane. And we do now know that this did give rise to life (Praise Science).

1 http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/27284025/
2 http://www.issol.org/miller/miller1953.pdf

2 Responses

  1. This is hilarious! I can’t wait till you finish it. My only complaint is that I have to read it in short sections, you should one day make it into a consolidated whole.I think it is hysterical that I can be ridiculed for belief in Godcreating the universe, when it is perfectly acceptable to believe in the big bang theory, which has virtually no proof. Nothing became something for no reason and then exploded in a fiery ball of energy, which formed into the perfect habitat to sustain life. It really does have all the makings of a fairy tale. I appreciate your candid aproach to telling the story of the origin of everything from the atheistist’s philosophical point of view. Is this just an experiment in creative writing or are you planning to make a childrens book out of this?

  2. James, I’m glad you enjoyed it. Yes, I’ll probably re-organize things a bit so that it can be read all at once. I wasn’t planning on writing a book out of it, but who knows. If it takes a billion years to complete, then it may need to wait for my distant ancestors who will probably be of an unknown species, or Science forbid, they may have devolved and it will never be finished. But if that happens, then possibly it will be published in an alternate universe (or perhaps already has been, and most likely an alternate version of yourself has already read it if there are an infinite number of alternate universes). 😉

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