Some Recent Writing on the Genesis Flood

Creation on the Web has a recent article entitled, “Golden evidence of the Genesis Flood.”1 The article starts out with:

Most people would be surprised to learn that smooth water-worn gold nuggets are frequently found not only in rivers and streams but on hills and even mountain tops. For example, several years ago, while prospecting on Cape York Peninsula in Northern Queensland, my brother and I detected about 30 nuggets on a hillside and even on the top of the hill. The nuggets ranged from two grams to over an ounce and were all at least partly smooth. The water-worn nuggets were intermingled with partly smoothed rocks from the size of marbles to a pumpkin. Many prospectors wonder how these high-country nuggets became so smooth, but to me it is explained by the world-wide Flood described in the Bible.

Although this account is somewhat anecdotal, and should be taken as such, it is interesting.



One Response

  1. Pretty fascinating. As I started reading, I was thinking that evolutionists will claim upheaval caused these these smooth gold nuggets to be on the hillside and hilltop, and then he describes my very thought!

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