Philosophical Arguments for the Existence of God

My wife is the more philosophically trained individual in our household–she teaches philosophy and logic.

She (The Christian Scribbler) has written 3 posts that may be of interest from a philosophical perspective:

Apologetics; The Teleological Argument for God

Apologetics; The Cosmological Argument for God

The Ontological Argument for God

Apologetics; The Moral Argument for God…


3 Responses

  1. Unless one has philosophical reasons for thinking that the existence of God cannot be proven, one way or the other! 😉

  2. Sure…one can find a philosopher to support any given position.

  3. Is that supposed to be a criticism? (Not that I mind if it is . . . it is kind of true!)

    My own view, for what little it may be worth, is that traditional philosophers have vastly over-emphasized the role of argument in the description of the intellectual and spiritual lives of human beings. (I don’t deny that I’m guilty of that, even on this very blog!) More particularly, the belief in God is one is only very rarely reasoned into, or out of, and it is very rarely assessed by means of evidence in the way that scientific theories are.

    Whether the utterance “I belief in God” is meaningful, important, valuable, etc. is whether or not it gives voice to a religious sensibility. I myself don’t find this utterance meaningful in that way, but I don’t quite know if it’s because I lack a religious sensibility, or whether I’ve found other ways in which my religious sensibility is given voice, expressed, embodied, practiced. More and more I’ve come to suspect the latter, which is why I’ve distanced myself from the label “atheist” — because “atheist” connotes a lack of religious sensibility and a contempt for those who have it, neither of which describes me.

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