A Naturalistic Fairy Tale-Part XVI

And then did we discover that minerals did co-evolve with life.1 Not that minerals did mutate, but that biological processes did transform the interstellar grains into the thousands of minerals that we find on the Earth today. All of the elements did exist in that early primordial dust, but praise Science that life did transform it into the minerals that are abundant on the Earth today. Plate tectonics did contribute, but it was the origin of life that did truly produce the diversity of minerals on the Earth today. Perhaps 2/3 of the 4300 mineral “species” that do exist on Earth today are the result of biology. Other planets, may have only 500 mineral “species.” But thanks to biology and a lot of time, we have a lot of minerals (praise Science).

1 http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2008/11/081113181035.htm


One Response

  1. Well, well. More support for the Gaia[1] hypothesis.

    [1] In Roman marriages, the bride and groom took the ceremonial names Gaia and Gaius, to symbolize their integration with the Earth, from which, according to their mythology, life had been breathed into the first man and woman.

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