More Complex than Previously Thought-Part II

I thought I’d provide a few recent snippets along these lines.

1). The First Animal on Earth was More Complex than Previously Thought

ScienceDaily (Apr. 11, 2008) — A new study mapping the evolutionary history of animals indicates that Earth’s first animal — a mysterious creature whose characteristics can only be inferred from fossils and studies of living animals–was probably significantly more complex than previously believed.

2). Volcanoes function in a far more complex way than previously thought

Washington, Oct 10 (ANI): A new research by a team of US and UK scientists has found that volcanoes function in a far more complex way than previously thought, making future eruptions even harder to predict.

3). Arctic Ice Formation is More Complex Than Previously Thought

Contrary to historical observations, sea ice in the high Arctic undergoes very small, back and forth movements twice a day, even in the dead of winter. It was once believed ice deformation at such a scale was almost non-existent.

4). Research: Bee vision

Bees’ colour vision is more sophisticated than previously thought.

Like humans, bees are sensitive to light at three different wavelengths (trichromatic). Also like humans, they can recognise the colour of objects such as flowers even when their illumination changes (so-called colour constancy).

5). Study: Single muscle far more complex than previously believed

The finding enriches a gradually emerging picture of a single muscle as a far more complex unit than traditionally believed. Research in the late 1970s and early 1980s showed that the amount of work a muscle does can vary along a lone muscle fiber. The most recent research is the first to document a range of activity within a single muscle of a live animal, in this case a helmeted guinea fowl.


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