Migration Patterns

Over on UD is a fascinating comment:

Two points:

1- Gene duplication, in order to do something, also requires all the meta-information- a binding site, a promoter, an enhancer and a repressor. Otherwise all the gene duplication in the world will not do anything except add more DNA to the existing genome.

2- In his book “Why is a Fly Not a Horse?” Giuseppe Sermonti has a chapter (VIII) titled “I Can Only Tell You What You Already Know”, which examines this very thing- how do organisms “know” to migrate and to where?

An experiment was conducted on birds-blackcaps, in this case. These are diurnal Silviidae that become nocturnal at migration time. When the moment for the departure comes, they become agitated and must take off and fly in a south-south-westerly direction. In the experiment, individuals were raised in isolation from the time of hatching. In September or October the sky was revealed to them for the first time. Up there in speldid array were stars of Cassiopeia, of Lyra (with Vega) and Cygnus (with Deneb). The blacktops became agitated and, without hesitation, set off flying south-south-west. If the stars became hidden, the blackcaps calmed down and lost their impatience to fly off in the direction characteristic of their species. The experiment was repeated in the Spring, with the new season’s stars, and the blackcaps left in the opposite direction- north-north-east! Were they then acquainted with the heavens when no one had taught them?

The experiment was repeated in a planetarium, under an artificial sky, with the same results!

The bottom-line is there is much more going on than just chemical reactions caused by genetic material. But that reduction is all the evolutionists have and I say it hampers investigations by preventing us from seeking answers outside of the genome.

So did God design the ability to read the stars into these birds, or was this a result of blind necessity?

2 Responses

  1. So did God design the ability to read the stars into these birds, or was this a result of blind necessity?

    If I said the whole thing was done with mirrors, then the Darwinists would scoff at me, but, in reality, “blind necessity” is no different than “mirrors”! Ooops! I used the word “reality,” and we know that Dickie D and his brood hate reality!

  2. “So did God design the ability to read the stars into these birds?”

    If you invoke undefined terms into a sentence, there can be no rational answer.

    “or was this a result of …”

    Ahh – now we are getting somewhere. Could it be the result of more birds surviving when they did this? Nahh – that’s too obviously evolution in action.

    “blind necessity”

    Such a weird combination of two words – typical for someone driven by a compulsion – for example, blind necessity to deny evolution at any cost makes sense as a compulsion.

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