Darwinist Confusion

It seems some Darwinists here, think I am Clive Haden on Uncommon Descent.  Before they keep running their keyboards endlessly on the issue, I thought I would clarify the notion by stating that I am not Clive Haden.  I post with the handle TCS on UD, not Clive Haden.  I just thought I could save you some time on the matter, so you can go back to calling us stupid or whatever else you want to do ‘productively’ with your time.

2 Responses

  1. Oh, come on Shrink! It’s certainly been proved by evolutionists that practically identical strands of DNA could evolve completely independently and simultaneously, with no common descent at all. How do you know there aren’t two of you?

  2. Anything is possible given enough time, alternate universes, and blind chance! And as you say, it is certainly possibly that we are somehow identical twins with different parents! In some universe, that must be true, and it might as well be this one.

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