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We KNOW that muffins, jazz solos and the rest are all created by human hands (Mandy’s first attempts at muffins, and certainly my first jazz solos, were probably failures). There is no argument on tha…t point.

Yes there is an argument, Darwinian creation myths can be imagined to explain human minds and hands in terms of blind and ignorant processes as well as everything else. Evolutionists have made a principle out of explaining everything in terms of what seem to them to be blind, ignorant processes. This comes naturally to them. They pass their paradigm of ignorance off as the equivalent of “science” or knowledge and therefore all design is an illusion which reduces to blind, ignorant processes. Naturally, for how could it be otherwise? And if knowledge and intelligence have no impact on matter (That may as well be magic, after all.) then she did not create the muffins. Instead illusions like intelligence and design generally reduces to things like natural selection operating on the reproductive organs of ancient ape-like creatures.

Another example:
It’s like listening to a Muggsy deep and rich hollow body solo at Jazz Night through a warm retro amplifier. Without even seeing you play, I would recognize it was you by it’s tones, it’s similarities, it’s variations on theme…

Given modern creation myths this is another illusion. The interesting thing about modern creation myths is that pretty much anything can be imagined, naturally. In that case one might imagine that the music generally reduces to mating calls and the like.

It’s apposite that those who are abysmally ignorant with respect to bios/life seek to explain it and therefore explain themselves in terms of blind and ignorant processes. After all, shouldn’t ignorance and stupidity seek to explain itself in terms of ignorance? Yet it’s ironic that the same sort of imbeciles apparently have a fetish for science, i.e. knowledge. Perhaps they desire that which they lack the most.

At any rate, you said that you “KNOW” that muffins and all the rest are created based on knowledge or sentience, as if it is a given that the knowledge/observations/science typical to organisms is a reality. But isn’t it true that if knowledge simply must be explained in terms of blind and ignorant processes as proponents of Darwinian creation myths argue that science/knowledge itself is an illusion and ignorance reality?

Link: Natural Selection vs. Intelligent Design


4 Responses

  1. Of course he’ll probably say that intelligence and awareness of objective reality emerged gradually through natural selection. ie: somewhere in the distant past, at some hypothetical moment of critical mass, some dumb primate woke up one day and knew it was a man, and thus started a long process of turning mating grunts into trumpet solos. Heck, he probably learned that from watching PBS.

  2. Even if that were true one would be left wondering what impact awareness of objective reality has on natural selection itself, as well as at what point in a mythological past of that sort did purely blind and ignorant processes no longer apply. And wouldn’t that be the mythological end of any supposed science/knowledge that must always explain things in terms of blind, mechanistic processes?

    Ironically it seems to me that admitting that knowledge can have an impact on matter is the beginning of science, not the end of it. Yet Darwinians always seem to argue that “science” will come to an end if that idea is not censored.

  3. “Yet Darwinians always seem to argue that “science” will come to an end if that idea is not censored.”

    Apparently so, seeing as you’ve just been censored over there…!

  4. Huh, I’ve commented on two blogs this month and each time the glaringly provincial Darwinist has censored me. Apparently they have nothing to say.

    It’s actually consistent given that Darwinian creation myths are an attack on all language and all symbols and signs of design.

    I can’t find people any more ignorant who have a fetish for science/knowledge. As Karl Kraus said of another form of pseudo-science, they are the disease that they purport to cure.

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