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Intelligent Design Creationism is struggling to maintain scientific credibility.

Not really, most proponents of ID are seeking the truth while in my experience most biologists are mainly seeking to maintain their professional identity, scientific credibility, grants and so on.

The movement claims to be scientific, not religious…

That distinction probably has more to do with the fact that modern biologists used to be amateur natural theologians than anything else.

Most of us don’t see it that way.

Most biologists were eugenicists a short time ago, so perhaps the “community” is wrong again.

What we never, ever, see is a true explanation of how intelligent design creationism actually works.

It’s biologists themselves who have claimed to know how creationism works, probably because they used to be creationists. Darwin claimed to know how it works and the tradition continues in “panda’s thumb” arguments to this day. So apparently there is a way it works and a way it does not.

Watch it to see if Meyer1 explains the origin of information according to the Intelligent Design Creationism Model.

He explains it by what we know by experience as sentient beings. On the other hand, if one agrees with you then the illusion of language that emerges from your brain events here generally reduces to blind and ignorant processes like natural selection operating on the reproductive organs of ancient ape-like creatures. Once we realize that this illusion is based on another and so on, why keep discussing it?

Wait right ’till the end to make sure you don’t miss the explanation of how an intelligent creator put information into DNA.

How did you put information into those words? Blind and ignorant mechanisms and processes?

A “true explanation” according to biologists would be one based on blind and ignorant mechanisms so it would seem that you want to see something that you will never see unless you’re willing to step outside of your community.

Wait to see how this accounts for life as we know it today.

If knowledge/scientia can be reduced to blind and ignorant processes as biologists claim then our knowledge of life “as we know it” is generally an illusion brought about by ignorance. Apparently it takes a lot of training in order for someone to believe that they can make arguments about knowledge based on brains created by ignorance.

It’s why we call them IDiots.

Not at all, biologists generally call them idiots for political reasons in order to safeguard your community from the Other and to protect your professional identity. That is all. Their level of intelligence is often higher than average.

Link to original post: Stephen Meyer Explains the Origin of Information


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