Comment at Darwin's God

I assume you don’t think it would be a good option to pursue supernatural causes in medicine.

Perhaps you do not have to pursue them, as they might arise naturally. Or is that simply impossible?

After all, we already admit to transphysical causes and transcendent realities in medicine all the time. It is by our innate sense of form that we call some things in nature deformities. The reason that we call some physical events “diseases” is generally merely because they cause a lack of ease and so on. In contrast, history shows that Darwinism and evolutionary creation myths simply dissolve the practice of medicine as we know it. (See generally: The Nazi Doctors by Robert Lifton)

We are scientifically blind to the possibility that satanic forces are spreading influenza and interfering with the effectiveness of chemotherapy.

Even if Satanic forces were doing those things we could still study physical reality and seek “physical” cures in so far as physical regularities could be observed. The belief that evil exists never stopped progress in medicine in the past, yet nature based paganism and a survival of the fittest mentality clearly did. Hospitals tended to arise in Christian cultures and among “noble pagans” and not as a result of nature based paganism, many bear Catholic names to this day and so on. History indicates that to the extent that nature based paganism emerges again there will be conflict between the “Jewish influence” of charity and a survival of the fittest mentality.


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