A Naturalistic Fairy Tale-Part XXIV

And then did we, the Most High Scientists, discover that we may soon be able to look back before the Big Bang happened (praise Science).(1) We’ll go ahead and use the word “before” even though time did not exist, and please do not worry about it, because you would become confused anyway.  Because of the appearance of lopsidedness in the Universe, we do now think we can catch a glimpse of what existed before the Big Bang.

Indeed, when we did look in one direction in the Universe, we did notice that it looked different than looking in another direction.  We did notice that the Cosmic Microwave Background, seemed to be strangely larger on one side of the Universe.  We did development a new model as a result, and it gave us a glimpse of that inflationary period when the Universe almost instantaneously ballooned from the size of an atom to the size of a golf ball (praise Science).  Our theory did predict an even distribution in the CMB, but that is not what we have been seeing.  So we do now admit that things may have been a tiny bit more complex than previously thought.

So, we do now introduce the notion of two fields (inflaton and curvation).  We can now explain these variations.  Inflaton did cause the rapid expansion of the Universe and its energy variations, and curvation did cause density variations.

So we do now say:

“It’s no longer completely crazy to ask what happened before the Big Bang,” Kamionkowski said. “All of that stuff is hidden by a veil, observationally. If our model holds up, we may have a chance to see beyond this veil.”

Whereas it was completely crazy that some of our Own did previously ask what came before the Big Bang, we can now ask this question from a position of utter sanity and rationality (praise Science).  We’ll end by hedging our bets:

“So far it seems to be in the data, but that doesn’t mean it’s in the universe,” Carroll told SPACE.com. “There’s a chance this asymmetry is coming from errors in the data.”

So, we may go back to believing what we did before, and continue asking what now appears to be “crazy” if we do find that we have a problem with our data.  But, you should now know, that it will not be crazy then (praise Science).

(1). Glimpse before the Big Bang may be possible, MSNBC


Creationists Weigh in on the Large Hedron Collider (LHC)

However, our guess is that no matter what happens when the beams collide, researchers will use it to justify and/or explain what they believe happened in the moments after the big bang. After all, these scientists have faith that they are recreating big bang conditions; they will likewise have faith that the results mimic the “original” big bang.

The problem is that because the big bang was (allegedly) a one-time event—just like creation in Genesis—no amount of “repeating it” nor any scientific experiments could provide evidence for it. Rather, it must be accepted on faith, and then the results interpreted within that framework. In other words, the LHC experiments will no more confirm the big bang than creationists could confirm Genesis 1 by shining a flashlight on a swimming pool on a dark night, saying, “Let there be light” and leaning over the surface of the deep. (1)

Just today, I watched a special called The Next Big Bang on the History Channel about the LHC. Honestly, I found it more than a bit silly. The scientists, in the naturalistic fairy tales, noted that we know what happened up to a few microseconds from the start of the “Big Bang.” They purported that the LHC will take us back within a nanosecond of the start of the “Big Bang.”

As for me, I wonder how much the 8+ billion dollars that was spent on this essentially worthless experiment, could have been applied to real-world problems, and how many human lives could have been saved with that money. It strikes me as a big effort to show that “God does not exist,” rather than anything useful. Indeed, one person already committed suicide out of fears that another big bang would occur. (2)

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Update: Please also see my co-author’s post on the LHC.