Why 6 days? Theological Consistency.

Creation Ministries International had a recent interesting post explaining the reasons to believe in the 6-day creation account of Genesis. I haven’t made up my mind yet, but I think they do a good job of expounding this viewpoint.



The "Show Me" State (of mind)

No, I’m not from Missouri! Over the years, I have had unbelievers, Atheists, or whatever, say to me,

“When you can produce physical evidence, which I can examine with my senses, of creation and the resurrection, then I will believe that there is a God.”

Of course, as everyone knows, or maybe not, “Faith is…the evidence of things not seen.” So, these unbelievers, Atheists, or whatever, and I always simply turned and walked away from each other, without uttering another word.

Today, I want to be that self-assured, as well as arrogant, prosecuting attorney, when it comes to this issue. I want to ask a similar question to the unbeliever, Atheist, or whatever, and my question comes from the same skepticism that was exhibited by these others, only, of course, from the exact opposite perspective.

“When you can produce physical evidence, which I can examine with my senses (by senses, I mean only my touch, taste and feel alone, since telescopes, as well as lectures, quips, qualms and queries, by mere mortals, mean less than nothing to me!), of the big-bang, dark energy and mass, and at least 1000 (I think that’s a fair number) complete, and I do mean complete, skeletal remains from every evolutionary stage of man, then I will be believe in evolution and all else you profess to believe!”

I believe my approach is fair here, and-perhaps-even scientific, since I’m following the prescribed method of interrogation by those, as you, who refuse to believe in creation and yet firmly believe in another, as equally unfalsifiable, doctrine. Besides, unlike me, you claim to have the physical evidence for your belief, so, unlike me, you need to produce it if you want to convert those, like me, who are more than doubting!