Idiocricy, Political Correctness, Darwinism, and Eugenics

The Outsider (DB), has an excellent post on these matters.

“Idiocricy:” A Bad Comedy or Covert Eugenics (Genetics) Propaganda?


Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed

I finally got to see the documentary (I signed up for Netflix on my Xbox 360–cool). I think it was very well done, and it points out the true state of science and academia. While it made use of strong visual rhetorical devices, I found them compelling and not inappropriate.

I would also say that I bet Ben Stein was a handful as a child (in school and elsewhere)! He plays dumb with  the best of folk when talking to the radical atheist naturalists (Dick Dawkins, Paul Zachary, Eugenie, et. al.). As an aside, I find that as a shrink, asking ‘dumb’ questions is an art form, and absolutely necessary. “So eating every meal under your basement stairs in complete darkness is much more pleasurable than eating it at the kitchen table like most people do?”

Also, poor Dickie D was feeling so magnanimous1 that day that he hypothesized that life on Earth could have been seeded by aliens who were the result of Darwinian evolution. Fortunately, for the theistic evolutionists and atheistic evolutionists, he is no longer feeling magnanimous.

1 A Naturalistic Fairy Tale-Part VIII

Evolution and Modern Eugenics (Follow-up)

My coauthor, DB has written a follow-up on his blog to an excellent post he wrote here previously.  He notes a recent example where a politician has been promoting modern eugenics.  This stood out to me in what he wrote:

The theories of evolution and eugenics have had a dehumanizing affect on the world, which has been evidenced by the last one hundred and fifty years of history. The seeds of these despotic theories are being used to indoctrinate our children in public and even private schools, just as my generation was indoctrinated in the fifties and sixties!

Evolution + “Modern” Eugenics = Dehumanization!